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It's official - we are at Peak Oil!

The IEA and the OECD WEA both agree for the first time - we hit "peak oil" in 2006. This raises a host of interesting and planet changing issues. Most critical , and completely separate from human induced climate change, we find oursleves on the slippery slope towards 50% less energy supplies in 50 years maximum. Never mind the price due to market forces, there will simply be 50% less oil available to run the global society.

Countries like Australia are going to be hard hit, becuase of our relatively small population and HUGE distances that we have to cover to deliver goods and people from A to B. We also have some related issues - high consumption of energy per capita, relatively cheap access to electricity, gas and other energy sources. We don't have a carbon conscious culture - we burn it, use, drive it, waste it like there is no tomorrow - perhaps that's right after all - there will be no tomorrow!

Politically The Greens have the moral high ground, and the main parties seem content to squabble over who said what, to whom, when and why not. The rest of us either sit back and whinge (write blogs), stay silent and/or hope it will all be OK sometime in the future when "someone does something about it".

Now is the time for all good people to come to the aid of the planet (to misquote someone). We need innovation and we need it now. We need new ideas and we need them now. We need management with courage and foresight and we need it now. We need leadership, commonsense and more people engaged than ever before around an issue that threatens us, our children and their children - now. No excuses, no backsliding. Peak oil is the high water mark for our civilisation. The next move is either up or down, and for the first time in recent History the choice really is ours.




0 #1 Daryll Hull 2015-12-07 06:51
If there ever was a demonstration of the nature of free markets, it must be the attempts of the oil producers to drive out the US shale oil exports from world markets by overproduction and price drops at a time when we know that we have about 50 years to sort out the future of the planet with respect to carbon based fossil fuels.